Wednesday, January 23, 2019

What Things Will Disappear from Public?

Smart key, credit to

There are many things that familiar with our life in a decade or so will disappear soon. The timing of disappearing might be depend on the countries where we live. Here in America, based on my opinion that the things will loss in public views next coming days or months are following:

1. Car keys
Since 10 years ago, I never use a traditional key to open my car: no need to insert a key into car’s door. If you buy a car recently, you will get smart key with computer chip inside it, even you can choose push to start technology.

2. Blackout
Blackout is not only annoying but dangerous, because could cause many problems include health and food spoil. During summer or winter, sick persons exposure to extreme temperature without AC or heater may risk to death. Sudden natural changes such as storms and lightening are causing power interruptions.

We have breakthrough technology, home battery around 2020. Battery able to store solar power, and discharge its for several days in daylights during a blackout. In normal day, battery run a home overnights.

In near future, smart grid will be reality. One of advantages that the grid has back up system to guarantee the electricity will stay on in any conditions for everybody. This technology is important to natural disaster prone regions.

3. Text books
It is common to see “e” things: e-book, e-newpaper and e-magazine now. The printed book, newspaper and magazine will be replaced by digital and e-reader. Interactive software are used to test the students
from K-12 to college. Many labs are set up to do biology, chemistry and physics experiments through digital system.

Based on on your own experience, what else do you think will disappear soon?

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Will China Lead in the Space Race?

China spacecraft on far side of the moon, credit to NASA

China successfully land its spacecraft (Chang’e 4) on the far side or dark side of the moon before Christmas, on December 8, 2018. Become the first country to have this achievement.

Yes, Russia (former the Soviet Union) spacecraft, Luna 2 (Lunik 2) did the first landing on the moon on September 14, 1959. Then, USA with Apollo 11 is the first country sent human being to the moon on July 20, 1969.

The different that both the Soviet Union and the USA arrived on the near side (face earth) of the moon. Whereas China is the first ever country landing on the far side of the moon. The dark side is believed to have more craters than near side.

Can we conclude that China is leading in space race? Off course not or may be not yet. China still far behind compare to USA and even European countries in term of visiting planets such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Venus, and other space objects (Asteroid Eros, Saturn's Moon, Comet 9P/Tempel 1 and Asteroid Itokawa).

At least, now, we have a new player in space race. Hope, will be benefit to science and technology of the space development, then to human well being at near future.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Do You Want to Have Income of US$ 500 thousand Monthly?

Online video game, credit to Amanda Nappi

Video game forms new subculture worldwide, and increasingly popular over time. Almost every aspect of life is influenced by video games through film, you tube, social media and television. Poor academic performance, addiction and aggression are among negative effect of video game on younger or children.

However, there is a positive effect for game players. Yes, you could get US$500 thousand a month, and even more by playing video game. Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja has proved it. He collected US$ 10 million in 2018 by playing online video game called Fortnite.

His skill and personality well known by video game community across America due to routine meetings of community. Like athletes, video game communities have tournament too. What make Tyler Blevins famous was that he breaks the record of live stream viewers.

When Ninja played “Fortnite” with Drake, a rapper, there are 628 thousand viewers watched through live stream on March 2018. He, then, becomes must see on social media and stream. His You Tube is subscribed by 20.9 million fans and his Twitch is followed by 400 million game lovers.

Epic Games, the company created Fortnite, online video game in 2017, got profit US$ 3 billion for last year, 2018.

Tyler Blevins got his income of US$ 10 million from many resources, mainly (70%) from ads on YouTube, and paid by his fans to watch his Twitch. Ninja also gets sponsor from Red Bull, Samsung and Uber Eats.

Do you want to try?

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Do You Love to Live in Tiny Island with Salary US$130 K?

Tiny Island offers high pay job, credit to Stacey Leasca

If you are a couple who loves to live in a tiny island with beautiful scenery, this is might be good offer to you and your spouse. 5 bed rooms Inn, a former light house building provides US$ 130 thousand salary per-year to whoever able to do basic routine works.

Salary might be higher, very much depend on incoming revenue from guests and or donors. In addition, the couple will be provided a room and board.

Some duties are, but not limited to include ferrying guests, daily house keeping kind works, answering phones, accepting reservation, cooking, cleaning, maintaining, book keeping and everything to run the small Inn that open 4 days in a week.

The tiny island locates in off the Coast of San Francisco, California. The island size is 0.7 acre equal to 2800 square meters. The buildings in the island are listed as historical places by state and federal governments.

Six pages application for both a couple (husband and wife) could be asked by email to or could be downloaded from this website:

Do not make any inquiries to anyone via phone. Neither of the applicants is allowed to be smokers. If you currently smoke, do not apply.”

After filing the application form, then send it to the same email address. Job is expected to start in April 2019 with two weeks training. Good luck.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

A binary Code which is Used in Communications

A non-return-to-zero (NRZ) is a binary code which is used in communications. It is commonly applied for both synchronous and asynchronous of data transferring. These transmissions are slow speed communications interfaces.
As defined by Rouse (2011) that NRZ has two numeral codes of one (1) and zero (0). The data are transformed in these binary codes, then transmitted through Direct Current (DC) voltage.
One (1) usually represents a positive voltage or at least a zero value of voltage, called as high state logic of NRZ. While zero (0) usually represents a negative voltage or lower value of positive voltage, but no neutral value of voltage. Zero binary also called as lower state logic of NRZ.
Example values of binary that relevant to voltages are:
Logic 0 = -7 volts --- a negative voltage
Logic 1 = +7 volts --- a positive voltage

Logic 0 = 0.7 volts --- a lower value of positive voltage
Logic 1 = 0.0 volts --- a zero value of voltage

Now, we have a question: “What are the various problems that could arise in Non-Return to Zero (NRZ) encoding if a continuous stream of 0s or 1s is sent? “
First, it will create a problem on the receiver end. Second, we have difficulty to calculate the number of 0s or 1s in the sequences. There could potentially be thousands of 1's or 0's in sequence. Thus, these two problems generate a lack of transition. 
Then, as said by Sanghi (2017) that these problems occur because “the clock synchronization is lost due to lack of any transitions.” To avoid the problems, “Non Return to Zero(NRZ) NRZ codes should share the property that voltage level is constant during a bit interval. High level voltage = bit 1 and Low level voltage = bit 0.”

Rouse, M. 2011. NRZ (non-return-to-zero). Retrieved from
Sanghi, D. 2017. Data Encoding. Computer Networks (CS425). Retrieved from

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Introduction to Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and Ethernet

Ethernet Vs ATM (
          First, the selling point of ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is quality service which means high-speed with 4 types of service levels. Second, the Ethernet is the most popular LAN (Local Area Network) technology today with over 120 million hosts. The rate of transfer is 10Mbps for the Ethernet.
          Moreover, the comparison between ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) and ETHERNET on the following aspects:
# Bandwidth. Previously, ATM is expected to allow true broadband networking for the future. Today, we know that Ethernet is still a hot technology of LAN (Local Area Network). Ethernet have brought more bandwidth to the network technology.

# Scalability. ATM uses both WAN (Wide Area Network) and LAN (Local Area Network technologies, but ATM is more fit with WAN. However, Ethernet is based mainly on LAN. In the future, Ethernet may use WAN as well.

#Interoperability. Gigabit Ethernet is version of Ethernet, the technology delivers data with speed of 1000 Mbps with fiber-optic cables. However, the operation concept of LAN in Ethernet will not be changed. Moreover, ATM LANE has been developed in order to be properly pursued in old LAN, and easily operated on the desktop. Thus, LAN interoperates with ATM technology.
#Quality of Service
ATM is the top network system to transport data, voice and video until now, thus quality of service is the best. Compared to Ethernet, increasing the speed (bandwidth) of Ethernet could be mean as increasing quality of service.
          Both ATM and Ethernet have their own merit in “high speed” internet technologies. They will compete in the long terms with no one had signs to disappear in the near future. It is mean that quality of service will improve, and benefit for customers.

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Christmas Trees and decorations in Public Rooms

Christmas tree in dentist office

We, I and my wife went to the dentist to make an appointment this morning, we saw a Christmas tree with beautiful decorations. She put the tree in proper time. After observing carefully, I found three important things of the tree:
1. Secure of star and angle upright due to top branch reinforcement.
2. Lights are optimal glow because there is evenly space for each light.
3. Stand rubber feet is scratch proof to make floors clean and look beautiful.

Santa, Pinocchio and Penguins

Another day, I went to another public building in down town, I saw beautiful ornaments of a Santa, two penguins and look like a Pinocchio doll. A Christmas tree as their background. It seems that these kinds of ornaments are common during December, a Christmas month every year.

Pinocchio is one of my favorite cartoon movies when I was a kid. A fictional character, handmade of a woodcarver, an Italian named Geppetto. What interested me on that time was Pinocchio nose will extend when he was lying. We used to call our friends Pinocchio when they tell untrue things. 

Christmas tree in Walmart

I just went to Walmart this afternoon, I always saw Santa with bell in his hand in front of the supermarket, but no Santa for today, it may be due to bad weather. Santa with his bell to attract customers to donate for charity.

Inside the supermarket, at left corner, I saw Christmas tree, quite tall, may be two meters height. I saw this kind of tree every year. 

Yes, this is December, the Christmas month. Merry Christmas to all of you. 

What Things Will Disappear from Public?

Smart key, credit to There are many things that familiar with our life in a decade or so will disappear soon. The timing o...